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Are you a small firm or solo attorney?

If you have experienced any of the following you are in the right place.

  • You hired a web designer to make you a website that looked nice but it didn’t bring in any clients.
  • You spent money on advertising that ended up just being a waste of money.
  • You downloaded the Law Firm in a Box from the bar association website, got through the marketing section, and still feel lost.
  • You have had several failed attempts at creating a website.
  • You have been burned by several marketing firms and are hesitant to try again.
  • You know your way around a courtroom but social media, SEO, blogging and all digital marketing turn your stomach.

Getting new clients for your practice shouldn’t be that hard.

An enormous amount of money is wasted on marketing.

Here is what usually happens. You know you need a new website so you higher a local web designer. They ask you a few questions and then create a beautiful looking website. You launch the new site and nothing happens.

Why? Because the designer you hired was trained on how to make things look beautiful. They weren’t trained in how to get people to take action.

People only take action after they read or hear the words that inspire them to take action.

If you are a small firm or solo attorney wanting to get a steady stream of new clients please watch this video…

How It Works

We have a simple three-step plan to get you on the path to growing your practice.


1. Schedule A Call

We will discuss your firm, your challenges, and your goals in order to customize a plan.


2. Create a Targeted Plan

We create a marketing plan that targets your ideal clients.


3. Your Practice Grows

When your message is clear and your target clients understand what you do, your firm will grow.

What does success look like?

Your website becomes a 24/7 lead generator.

Start getting a consistent stream of new leads.

Work with your ideal clients.

Focus on what you love doing and not on marketing.

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