5 Things Your Website Must Have in 2019

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What Story Should You Tell?

The human brain is wired for story. It’s how we connect. The reason your website isn’t working is you aren’t inviting people into a story. You might be telling a story but it isn’t the one people want to hear.

Have you ever been to a party where there was one person who had to one-up every story?

No matter what was being talked about he or she had a story that was a little better.

Do you remember how annoying that was?

That is what most marketing is like.

Here are seven marketing principles based on the StoryBrand marketing framework. These will help you invite people into a story they want to be a part of.

7 Marketing Principles

  • When you speak to the desire of a customer they enter into the story your brand is telling.
  • If you talk about the problems your customers are experiencing they will pay attention.
  • Your customer is the hero of the story, not your brand. Your job is to guide the hero to a successful outcome.
  • Give your customer’s an easy step by step plan for doing business with you. They won’t move forward if they don’t know how.
  • Clearly call people to action, or they won’t take action.
  • Cast a vision of what your customer’s life will look like after engaging your brand.
  • Cast a vision of what the consequences of not doing business with you are. People need a clear picture of both success and failure as it relates to your brand.

If you implement these 7 principles along with the suggestions in the PDF, 5 Things Your Website Needs, your marketing will succeed.

Not doing them means a lot of wasted money and opportunities.

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